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I originally posted the following message on Facebook last week and have received some wonderful comments in response. Thank you! For those who are not on Facebook, here it is -

​It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to discontinue This is Scilly News for the time being.

I have been providing news for three years (including a daily bulletin for Radio Scilly for the last eight months) basically for free and other commitments make it difficult to continue. I do it as an adjunct to Scilly Now & Then magazine and support it through the magazine, but the last two calls for advertising in the mag have had no response at all. I will continue the magazine because I know people (particularly on the mainland) really value it, but adding a news website for no reward is just too thankless and time-consuming and I can't afford to spend my time on it at present. Also, some people can't open the stories and I don't know why!! In order for the site to continue and grow, it really needs an update and revamp. Sadly I lack the money or time to do so at the current time.

I hope it's been valuable in getting news out to the community in the time I've done it. Just a request - if you do value services people provide on the islands, do consider supporting them with an advert or donation or just your presence to help them out. We should all be helping and supporting each other. Huge thanks to those people and businesses who have always been totally supportive to the website and magazine, I really appreciate it.

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