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Town Hall closed after ceiling fall

The Town Hall is closed until further notice after chunks of ceiling fell down during a craft fair yesterday.


Photo by Scilly Maid Chocolate.

The event was still going on when plaster near the back door of the main hall suddenly crashed to the floor at around 3.20pm.

Jane Hurd, who was standing around 10ft away, said it happened near to the right hand side of the door in the area where teas and coffees were served. Fortunately there was no-one in the spot at the time but it had been very busy earlier in the day.

She said there was no warning before the chunks fell down from the cornice area, making an “enormous bang” and leaving at least one visitor shaken.

She told This is Scilly News: “They were big chunks. Some of them appeared to be head-size when they were on the ground, so I don’t know how big they were when they fell. Someone could have been seriously hurt."

Craft fair participants were evacuated from the hall after the incident and it was immediately closed until further notice.

Jane added that she is anxious that the ceiling is fixed as soon as possible as lots of local organisations use the Town Hall.

The Council's Lead Member for Place Steve Sims said that because the incident happened on Friday afternoon, it will "not be possible to give a proper assessment of the situation until Monday".


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