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Porth Hellick visitors asked to avoid nesting birds

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust has asked islanders and visitors to help protect a family of birds on Porth Hellick.

Ringed Plover chick by Ted Humphreys (

The Trust has cordoned off an area of the St Mary's beach after the family of Ringed Plovers was found nesting.

Describing the discovery as "lovely news", Communications Officer Nikki Banfield wrote on social media: "Clearly these little birds haven't got the memo regarding the beaches that are possibly more suitable to raise a family on and they've opted for the hustle and bustle of inhabited Island life!

"However, this said, we would like to try and help make their endeavours as successful as possible and for that reason, after discussion with the Isles of Scilly Bird Group and a number of other people, it has been agreed that an area around the nest should be marked and roped off; it's incredibly easy to stumble across and destroy shore birds nests as they can and do just lay their eggs in the sand."

Nikki stressed that the measure will be temporary and requested that visitors to Porth Hellick - especially dog owners - "be mindful of this little family".

She added: "We realise that there are lots of arguments for and against this course of action but we trust that as a community sharing a space with nature the roped off area will be respected to give these birds the best chance of success over the coming weeks."


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