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New art gallery opens on St Mary's

The Isles of Scilly has a brand new art gallery.

Jennie Trevithick and Hayden Simpson recently took over the Chandlery on St Mary’s, which they are hoping to open at the end of June.

However, they decided to open a gallery as well after seeing the space upstairs.

Hayden, who works in Air Traffic Control at St Mary’s Airport, told This is Scilly News: "I have always painted and have displayed and done the artwork at On The Quay so I felt I should take the jump and have an outlet for that.

"The most important thing for the gallery is to have an outlet for local artists, to get talented artists out of the woodwork!"

St Martin's resident Inga Drazniece and Tree Baker from St Mary's are among the artists with work on display.

The gallery and Chandlery were due to open together but other commitments meant the gallery debuted first. It will be open Tuesday to Saturday 11-4 but Hayden said times will be a little sporadic this week as the couple are away.

He is still working at the airport and Jennie will continue to run the Ales of Scilly brewery.

Chris Jenkins of Southard Engineering previously ran the Chandlery for 15 years.

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