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Lyonesse Lady to be out of service for 10 days

Scilly's inter-island freight boat Lyonesse Lady will be out of service for ten days from Monday for repairs.

Photo by Dale Clark

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group announced that the vessel has developed "technical faults" and will be replaced where possible by a landing craft and post boat Swift Lady.

The company said: "In recent weeks we have been working hard on preparing the Gry Maritha for continued service. During this time the Lyonesse Lady has developed some technical faults which we are now looking to immediately resolve. Therefore we are planning to take the Lyonesse Lady out of service for approximately 10 days, starting on Monday 20th May.

"We are sorry for the short notice but the vessel must be repaired. To maintain an off-island service during this period, we have retained the services of a landing craft, named Terramare, which has been a frequent visitor to the islands in the past.

"We are aiming to use Swift Lady for small goods on a daily basis and the landing craft as needed.

"Due to the Duchy of Cornwall’s operating requirements, we are unable to use the off-island quays (with the exception of Tresco) so we will have to land goods on a beach. For this to happen, we will need your cooperation and support to unload good from the landing craft.

"St. Mary’s freight office will coordinate these visits and during this period we will do our best to maintain the off-island service."


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