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Islanders 'proud' to be part of documentary

Two islanders who appear in a More4 documentary series have said they felt "proud' to be a part of it.

Devon & Cornwall, which filmed on the islands for several weeks last year, 'follows a host of fascinating characters who reveal what it is really like to live and work in the far South West corner of Britain, where rolling fields meet stunning coastlines'.

Islanders Paul Whittaker, Joe Pender, Charlotte Hicks, Meriel King and the COSMOS team all feature in the series, which was made by production company True North.

Paul Whittaker was shown tagging blue sharks with Joe Pender in the May 6th episode.

He told This is Scilly News: “I felt very pleased and proud to show people what I do for work and also my hobby. I thought the piece was good if a little brief considering that took about 6-7 hours of my time but anything on national TV about Scilly has got to be a good advert for the islands."

Meanwhile, episode 7 featured new midwife Charlotte Hicks, who said: "I felt both embarrassed and proud at the same time! It’s never nice hearing your own voice back, let alone watching yourself on TV but it really showed off our beautiful islands. It made me think how lucky I am that I was able to move back to the place I love and do the best job in the world."

Episode 10 tonight includes the new observatory on St Martin's.

The narration of the new series has been widely criticised because of the voiceover artist's accent.

Watch a trailer for the show below:

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