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TV show seeks islanders moving to London

A production company is looking for islanders interested in moving to London for a new TV show.

The BBC Three programme, called House Share, will see a group of people share both a home and the money they earn at work.

Casting producer Andrew Mallon posted on Facebook: "I'm working on a new TV programme for BBC Three and we're looking for people from the Isles of Scilly who are interested in moving to London to help change career or to help progress in their current job field. We're particularly interested in hearing from men under 25."

The synopsis for the show, produced by Youngest Media, reads: "Do you want to move to London but are worried about the cost?

"We’re looking for 18-34 year olds from across the UK to move into an exciting house share in London. You may want to change careers, move away from home for the first time or re-invent yourself away from your home town but there must be a reason why you need to move to London.

"However, during your time in the house share, it’s not just the house you’ll be sharing! You’ll also be sharing all of the money that you earn with your housemates."

Filming will take place in London for six weeks throughout June and July 2019.

Applications can be made on the BBC's website at


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