Scilly has fewest fast food outlets in UK

The Isles of Scilly has the lowest percentage of fast food outlets of any local authority area in the UK.

In a House of Commons debate about the Children’s Future Food Inquiry last week, Conservative MP Andrew Selous said just 7% of food outlets on the islands can be classified as fast food or takeaway, compared to a national average of 25%.

He said: "In most constituencies, fast food outlets, many of which unfortunately do not sell the healthy food they should, average about a quarter of all places to buy food. The figure varies from only 7% in the Isles of Scilly to 39% in Blackburn with Darwen, where nearly four in 10 food outlets are fast food outlets."

The statistics, from 2018, show an approximate 4% increase in takeaway proportion per local authority since June 2014.

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