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Police: 'Two arrests over Gig Weekend'

There were two arrests over this year's World Pilot Gig Championships, but both involved local residents.

Scilly's three regular policing staff and four additional officers were on duty on the islands during the weekend.

Sgt Darren White told This is Scilly News: "This year was one of the busiest we have seen with greater numbers of visitors to the island for the WPGC. The IOS Policing Team were supported by a further four officers from the mainland to assist with Night Time Economy policing.

"I am pleased to say that very few incidents of crime and disorder took place and the vast majority of people enjoyed the sunshine and socialising afterwards.

"The weekend was, however, marred by one or two incidents of drunken behaviour, sadly by locals, resulting in two arrests. Whilst we recognise that the social aspect of the WPGC is as intrinsic as the rowing itself it is important to know your limits when consuming alcohol.

"Where individuals’ behaviour negatively impacts on those around them we will deal with them swiftly and decisively as was evidenced this weekend."

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