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May Day reports by Year 8 students

Children from Five Islands Academy gathered for the annual celebration of May Day on Wednesday, delighting a packed audience with traditional songs, dances and the crowning of May Queen Daisy Stevens.

Rather than a standard article by This is Scilly News, this year we're fortunate enough to have some reports and photos from the frontline of the ceremony - here is the Year 8 English class's take on the event.

May Day Reports by Year 8

The crowd for this May Day event was quite impressive. There were lots of faces watching their children singing and dancing. The sun was shining just like the faces of the children performing. Lots of very beautiful flowers shone in the beaming sun. Wonderful music was being played by three lovely musicians. – Jimi Hartwell

How it all started:

Since 1875 May Day has been on the first of May. It is such a beautiful event and so much goes on. It is also traditional that the year six and sometimes some of the year fives dance round the maypole. It is an event that nursery to year six take part in. The children from nursery to year two sing “Come to the Park”. But from year 3 to 6 sing multiple songs and there has been a May Queen ever since it started in 1875. The songs have stayed very much the same. Also from nursery to year six everybody does a different dance .It is also traditional that the guards make an arch of staffs for the May Queen to go through first but everybody else not far behind. – Harrison Hicks

It is a very quiet peaceful atmosphere. Everyone is very quiet because they have to listen to what is going on and it’s respectful if you are quiet. It was also very busy. - Ryan Whittaker

May Day 2019 has been an absolutely joy filled with lovely singing and acting with a May Queen. Today is the perfect day for May Day because it is sunny and warm. The kids on the maypole danced beautifully not making any mistakes which I think is astonishing. It was filled with lovely dancing. The May Queen was played by Daisy Stevens. - Will Schwarz

The May Day celebrations kick started with a few songs. These included the Merry Month of May and Hail..All..Hail. The May Day contenders were all ages in primary, or most of them at least. The songs were followed up by the May crown being given to the May Queen, Daisy, and a short speech. The weather was warm and spirits were high making the celebrations enjoyable. The May Queen’s band then performed and another song was sung, I am the Captain of the May Queen’s Band, and another short speech was given, followed by two more songs. The younger kids then did a dance. - Jake Williams

At May Day there were lots of people and was very hard to find a seat so I ended standing, it was good at the start and it had lots of speeches and then as it progressed it got better and better. For example, the maypole covered in bright and vibrant colours glistened over the park. It was also very sunny, just to add to the amazing day. - Cullen Oyler

The St Mary’s May Day celebration was an amazing and entertaining tradition, which brought many locals together to watch the children, nursery age to year 6, sing, dance and crown the May Queen. The Park was packed with parents and families of the children, watching in adoration. Every student was dressed in shorts and shirts or dresses as white as snow and carrying little bouquets or staffs with colour bursting from them. Overall, the friendly atmosphere and the adorable singing and dancing made the celebration brilliant. - Isla Hicks

The May Day celebrations begin. It’s a great day for May Day: the sun is out and the singing is lovely. The bees are flying around trying to get the pollen from the flowers for their bee hives. The music is good. - Charlie Bird

The singing is always a pleasure to hear on a lovely May Day. The day was perfect: the sun was shining and the birds sung. It was a packed day on the green; a perfect day for a Millers ice cream. There were two hundred people in the seats enjoying a lovely spring day. The atmosphere was incredible after every song or dance the crowd clapped. - Sam Eggins

It’s the 1st of May. Flowers are blossoming and kids are singing. This day has been going on for generations. The maypole will be out shortly where the kids will be merrily dancing around the maypole with brightly coloured ribbons around their hands. Once the dancing is over the May Queen will lead the children into the hall for the May Day feast. - Tia Thompson

There were many people at May Day this year. People were even around the outside of the park because it was too full. The stage was decorated in flowers all over. On one side stood the boys who were holding staffs. On the other side were the girls holding posies. The park floor was covered in daisies which was good because the May Queen was called Daisy. I could smell the fresh pollen in the air from all the flowers. I could hear all the kids singing as loud as they could. I could also hear the birds chirping in the wind. I could feel the hot sun beaming down on us, but there was a cool breeze. - Layla Guy

Lots of people at this years mayday. People standing, sitting and even more outside the park. The May Queen this year was Daisy. The park was beautifully decorated with gorgeous spring flowers and on one side were the boys and on the opposite, the girls. The primary and reception classes did their the traditional music and then the bigger kids danced round the maypole. The maypole this year was painted with flowers instead of the plain, traditional one. - Megan Woodcock

The atmosphere at May Day was very happy. I think everyone was having fun, the people dancing and the people watching. The music was good. It was like a party when people clapped. - Alex Frank

The crowds were quite big but when people were singing everyone went quiet. It feels quite festive while watching it. There were beautiful blue flowers. The sun was hot and Millers was full. - Isaac Mawer

Watching May Day was nice. It is very nice seeing everyone gather around to watch kids singing with the sun out and nice that there were plants with all sorts of colours and insects flying about. Everyone had short sleeves and some were wearing shorts. When I saw this it finally felt like spring. - Stan Halliday


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