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Water usage 'up to 29% less than last year'

St Mary's residents used up to 29% less water in late winter and early spring 2019 than at the same time last year.

Figures from the islands' Council show that consumption over the last ten weeks has been consistently down on 2018, peaking in the first week of March.

Only 1% less was used in the last week of the month but the figures improved again during April, with a 12% drop on last year.

The Council recently reminded islanders and visitors of the need to save water ahead of the new season.

Lead Member for Place Cllr Steve Sims said at the time: “Everyone made fantastic efforts last summer when it looked like we could have very real problems. We’re not at that stage this year, but we could be.

“We didn't have a particularly wet winter but if we all use a bit of common sense and use less water when we can and don't waste water then we should be absolutely fine.

“This summer may be nowhere near as hot as last year but we might be lucky again and every litre saved now is a litre we have in reserve in July."


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