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TV show seeks mainlanders moving to Scilly

A new TV show is looking for people planning to make a major move from the mainland to the Isles of Scilly.

The series is about people who leave a busy town or city for a more rural area or island in a bid to improve their quality of life.

It has the working title Twice the Life, For Half the Price and will air on Channel 5.

The show will be presented by Kate Humble, who has made the move from city to rural herself and will be on hand to give advice.

Independent TV company Raise the Roof Productions is one of the biggest suppliers of factual entertainment content for Channel 4, often working with presenters Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer.

They said they would "love to be able to film someone making a big move to the Isles of Scilly".

Anyone interested is asked to contact


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