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Councillors updated on play park repairs

The work needed on the children’s play parks on the islands will not be as expensive as originally feared.

The pirate ship site on the Garrison has been closed since last September due to safety concerns.

Aisling Khan (Senior Manager, Services to our Community) said at Tuesday's Scrutiny Committee meeting that the £20,000 for the play park in the 2018/19 Capital Programme was a ‘worst case scenario’ and that following an independent assessment the costs are likely to be revised downwards.

"We had an inspection of all of our play parks, not just the Garrison. So we looked at the one on Porthcressa and the ones on the off-islands. We've got the inspection report which risk rates all the things that need to be done and there's nothing as significant as we feared.

"Currently we are getting quotes and that's taking longer, as it always does, than we'd hoped. We're also working with the community. As you know, there's some really good crowdfunding going on, it's been fantastic with lots of discos for small people, quiz nights at the Atlantic and a bucket in the Co-op. So we're working with the community to identify how we'll make these improvements but it doesn't look like [it'll be] £20,000 currently."

On whether the Council will be able to contribute to repair costs or if it will mostly fall to the community, she said: "There's a huge desire to make these things happen but they just need to be affordable in terms of revenue. But I think we'll be all right."

Donate to the community's Garrison play park campaign at the Gofundme website.

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