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Wildlife Trust introduces second Beach Clean Bin

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust has introduced its second 'BeachClean Bin' - this time at Porth Hellick on St Mary's.

Following the success of the first bin on Wingletang, St Agnes over the winter period, the Trust said it is now trialling a second and seeing how they both fare over the summer. The bins are intended for beach clean debris only, so no seaweed, dead animals, wood, pottery, sea glass, poo bags, picnic waste or general waste.

Nikki Banfield from the Wildlife Trust wrote on social media: “These bins are only possible as a result of some awesome partnership working with Westward Farm on St Agnes and Salakee Farm on St Mary's and its REALLY important that the instructions are followed... If these rules can't be followed then it's unlikely that we will be able to keep the bins installed, which would be a huge shame." The first BeachClean Bin was installed as a trial on St Agnes on December 1st 2018 and returned to the Wildlife Trust full at the end of last month.

Nikki added: "If anyone needs any tips on how to do it right, just ask the St Agnes residents! They successfully managed to fill their bin during the winter with no hiccups, following the "rules"; there was nothing in their bin that shouldn't have been there."

See what was in the Wingletang bin below:

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