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Scilly Class of '77 reunite for rounders game

The Isles of Scilly School's Class of '77 will "attempt to recapture their youth" with a game of rounders at the Garrison tomorrow.

Alumni of the old Secondary school have kept in touch via social media and now have a Facebook group. Following a mini-reunion of mainland-based classmates organised by Lucy Wilkins (née Lethbridge) in 2017, they hatched a plan to have the next major gathering on Scilly so those still living on the islands could attend.

Class of '77 on the steps of Longleat House during school trip to Bath (1976)

Organiser Gail Rosalez (née Evans) told This is Scilly News: "One of the abiding memories that everyone has from school is the trek to the Garrison, and, in the summer, games of rounders. So, someone suggested (might have been me...oops!) having a game for old times' sake. Class of '77 thought that was a good idea (even if it would probably have an It's a Knockout vibe), and we'd have a proper laugh.

"We have a do organised in the Lyonnesse bar (complete with our own playlist) and are intending to make the most of being together. One or two of us might even go quay jumping! We do have great fun together, and laugh a lot." The evening's attendees plan to contact a few of those who can't make it via Skype. They also have an official photographer and plans for a video with soundtrack to mark the event.

Aside from Gail and Lucy, Class of '77 alumni include Jane (Caldwell), Christopher Nance, Nicky (Deason), Debbie (Roberts) Caroline (Adams), Chris Fallowfield, Nick Jenkins and Mary (Lethbridge).

Gail said that the game is still in need of an Umpire ("preferably with their own whistle"), as well as "some reinforcements in the shape of schoolmates from the year groups either side".

She added: "You know who you are! Please do come and join us, even if only to shout helpful advice!"

The Class of '77 rounders game will take place tomorrow (Saturday, April 20th) at 2:30pm.

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