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Council CEO outlines Brexit preparations

Isles of Scilly Council officers have attended twice-weekly meetings to monitor potential risks to the islands when the UK leaves the European Union.

The Authority’s Emergency Planning team are represented on the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Resilience Forum, a multi-agency partnership which includes police, emergency services, the NHS, the Environment Agency and others.

Interim CEO Mark Boden revealed the steps taken by the Authority in response to Councillor Jonathan Smith’s question about the risks to Scilly in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The query was submitted at yesterday's (April 11th) Council meeting as a 'Question under Standing Order 14'. which allows Members to ask a question that demands a full response from the person to whom it was addressed.

>> Read Cllr Smith's full question here

Read the Chief Executive's response in full below:

"The Council of the Isles of Scilly is part of Devon, Cornwall and the IOS local resilience forum (LRF) LRF forms part a national network of LRFs that report to cabinet office regarding the key risks to communities. The LRF co-ordinates multiagency plans for and in response to major incidents and other risks to human life, the environment, infrastructure and the economy.

A considerable amount of resource has been committed by the partner agencies though the LRF in preparing and planning for the UK to leave the EU, particularly in the event of a no deal scenario. The Isles of Scilly has participated in the regular LRF Brexit meetings to understand any particular impacts to the region and consequently the potential impacts on the islands. This participation has included attending twice-weekly meetings. The frequency of meetings will increase this week (as of April 8th) as revised deadlines approach.

In addition to increasing senior officer capacity including relevant training to the Emergency Planning team to ensure there is sufficient resources to allow attendance at the LRF Brexit planning meetings, the Council has engaged with Cornwall Council emergency planning team to draw upon their expertise and experience. As part of their engagement they facilitated a workshop with the council’s service managers and the senior management team to ensure that risks had been identified and mitigations planned where necessary.

The Government has released sector specific guidance and technical notes for business and the public to make sure they are ready for Brexit.

We have worked with our partners in the LRF to understand the likely impact to the region, including the islands. For example we have worked in partnership with South West Water, who also sit on the LRF as a utility, to understand the resilience on the islands regarding consumable water treatment nit just for council supplies, to ensure there is no risk of water supplies being compromised as a result of leaving the EU.

At present there are no areas within the Council’s remit that have required specific intervention but this is being constantly reviewed."


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