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New airport fire engine arrives on Scilly

The Airport has taken delivery of a brand new bespoke fire appliance.

The £250,000 vehicle, named 'Fire 1', arrived on the Mali Rose on Monday (April 8th).

It replaces the existing MK10 fire appliance, which is around 27 years old and was purchased second hand as a stop-gap to meet the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority when the Airport changed from a Category 2H to Category 3.

The new vehicle is part of the Airport Investment and Asset Replacement Plan, which sets out the investments required to replace or upgrade the main assets at the Airport over a 20-year period.

The Council's Lead Member for Place Steve Sims said: "I'm delighted that Fire 1 has finally arrived. A quarter of a million seems a lot and it is, but the team spent a long time - fruitlessly, as it turned out - looking for a cheaper alternative.

"Airports don't come cheap and the airport is central to the viability of the islands. It has to be safe. I hope the new appliance lasts as long as the old MK10, which has now shuffled off to a fire station in the sky - or rather an emergency services museum on the mainland."

Fire 1's original chassis and cab has been adapted to exact specifications to satisfy the requirements of the Airport Category 3 status.

It has a water tank capacity of 2,400 litres, foam capacity of 350 litres and pumping capability of 2,000 litres per minute.

The new addition to the fleet will be in operation shortly once the kit and equipment has been stowed and all personnel have received training.

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