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Weather presenters asked to stop obscuring Scilly

The head of Cornwall's Tourist Board has asked BBC weather presenters to stop standing in front of the Isles of Scilly when delivering the forecast.

VisitCornwall boss Malcolm Bell said the islands are "small and precious" and should not be obscured.

Weather reporters often stand to the left of the screen when they present to camera, blocking the islands and sometimes West Cornwall.

Bell recently met with presenters including Carol Kirkwood (pictured) at BBC Studios in London to explain the situation, adding that more understanding is needed about the region's unique climate to avoid affecting tourism with inaccurate forecasts.

He is quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying: “They stand directly in front of western Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

"They listened to what we had to say in the meeting and said they would work harder to avoid blocking the region.

"I did notice a slight improvement after we spoke to them, they did seem to shuffle back a bit. But more recently, they’ve drifted forward again.

“I’d just like them to stand back a bit. The Isles of Scilly are small and precious and we need to keep awareness up about them.

“Standing right in front of them doesn't help at all. They are Cornwall's islands so we feel we need to stand up for them. This is an ongoing debate with the Met office."


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