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Harbour updates on Mali Rose issues

The St Mary's deputy harbourmaster has given more information about the issues affecting the Mali Rose this week.

The vessel did not make it into St Mary's on Tuesday due to strong winds coupled with technical problems. Her scheduled Wednesday sailing was also cancelled, but she finally departed Penzance at 6pm last night.

Alan Hartwell told Radio Scilly: "Tuesday morning at 4.30am - bit of an ungodly hour that one - we came down to the quay and it was pretty fresh then. One of her steering pumps wasn't working - she’s got two and the vessel works perfectly well with just one working but they didn’t have any backup should the second one go wrong.

"They also discovered a slight snag with the bow thruster and that, coupled with the fresh winds upwards of 25 knots - we're currently using 30 knots as a bit of an upper limit during trials for pulling the boat alongside - it was decided not to bring her in.

"We’re in daily contact with the Steamship Company about the short-term and long-term use of the Mali Rose and of course what’s happening with the Gry Maritha in the background. It’s all going as you would expect during a trial so we will see her later on this week and again next week."

Due to the Mali Rose's delayed sailing, today's scheduled trip has also been cancelled.

The Steamship Group wrote to customers: "Our teams are doing their very best to manage the problem and get the operation back to scheduled service, as safely as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused at this time."

The company recently gave an update on the Mali Rose, which is currently undergoing a three-month period of familiarisation.

Photo by Scilly Pictorial


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