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Scilly's MP reveals Brexit indicative votes

The Isles of Scilly's MP has revealed his choices in Wednesday's series of indicative votes on Brexit.

MPs voted on eight different options for our future relationship with the EU, including revoking Article 50, leaving with No Deal and a Confirmatory Public Vote. However, none of the motions managed to secure a majority in Parliament.

Derek Thomas revealed that he voted in favour of George Eustice's idea to remain within the European Economic Area and rejoin the European Free Trade Association but not have a customs union. The UK would still be part of the single market and continue to pay into the EU budget, without having a say in decision making.

He also voted for Marcus Fysh's motion for the Government to seek to agree preferential trade arrangements with the EU, in case the UK is unable to decide on a Withdrawal Agreement.

Derek wrote on his website: "Every motion was rejected by the House and the only option on the table now is the Withdrawal Agreement which is supported by a legally-binding instrument committing both the EU and the UK to a fixed timeline towards a future trade deal.

"Significant powers are at play to frustrate Brexit altogether. I believe we should get on with leaving and working out our future relationship with the EU so I will vote for the Withdrawal Agreement when it returns to Parliament if the Speaker permits it.

"Nearly two thirds of MPs represent constituencies that voted to leave but nearly two thirds of MPs are working very hard to stop Brexit. I continue to do everything to honour the referendum result in as constructive way as possible. For everybody’s sake we need to get on with the job and get on with the domestic priorities that matter so much."

Derek recently apologised for the Government and MPs failing to respond to the needs of the British people due to the distractions of Brexit.

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