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Cllr: 'We should think about Sunday flying'

The Chairman of Scilly’s Council has said it is important to look into the idea of Sunday flying in order to allow weekend breaks to the islands.

Councillors approved plans to start Sunday flights to the Isles of Scilly in 2013 but the option was never introduced.

Cllr Robert Francis once more raised the possibility when discussing how to extend Scilly's season at last week's Tourism Forum.

He said: "We don't do weekend breaks on Scilly. At the moment apart from a few Sundays in the summer people can't get home on Sunday so basically weekend breaks don't happen.

"Regardless of what people think, most of us actually have to turn up for work on a Monday morning and that includes our visitors as well clearly. So I think we've really got to have a good look about how we can achieve this. Obviously there's an issue about Sunday flying, some people don't want it. But we do have to look for growth on these islands if we want a future. So we've got to think about this.

"And there's also the opportunity possibly of using the ship more. We already want the ship in the winter as well, but if we could have it in the shoulder months and then it could sail on a Sunday for a lot more of the year, that would help with weekend breaks. So those two things are really important."

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