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Gry back in April as Mali's future remains uncertain

The future of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group's freight vessel Mali Rose remains uncertain as she continues her three-month familiarisation period.

The "data-gathering exercise" is due to end on April 16th, when the Gry Maritha will return to service after undergoing survey work in dry dock.

ISSG Managing Director Stuart Reid told Scilly Business Week's Tourism Forum that the company will assess what to do with the Mali Rose at that point.

He said: "There have been a number of challenges, as we know. Mali isn’t able to ground as the Gry can and that's one of the things we are looking at. This has really been a data gathering exercise... and there has been some really interesting information being received. Obviously we know that the crane can certainly lift more and she is an excellent sea-going vessel but obviously there have been some challenges in Penzance and at St Mary’s Harbour because of the size of the vessel and the way she’s been working in the current weather."

When pressed by an audience member about the ship's performance during the familiarisation period, he said: "Mali is providing a freight service. It’s been a data gathering exercise... in order to gain information to see what investment we would need to put in for her to keep to a schedule similar to what the Gry has maintained over the past years."

He added: "In terms of what happens next to the Mali, that decision hasn’t been made yet."

Photo by Scilly Pictorial


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