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School head 'so proud' of pupils after march

The Head of Scilly's school has said she is "so proud" of pupils after they took part in a global march to protest the way politicians tackle climate change.

Around 150 children from Five Islands Academy joined youngsters in more than 120 countries in skipping school to demand more action.

Jo Yeates told Radio Scilly that she was proud of the way the children took the initiative in joining the protest.

"They took a lead on this absolutely but they talked with us all the way. They understand that we wanted them to be safe but equally that we didn't want to stop them expressing their views naturally. So many adults supported their views and I think they did an absolutely brilliant job of leading.

"There's always that moment as a a teacher - were very bossy - where you're desperate to step in and do it for them but we made sure everybody stepped back and the children were amazing."

Jo added that the national curriculum already includes climate change issues and Project Weeks are a "really good opportunity to go in really deep with that".

She said: "Scilly is such a fab place to do it. The impact is so obvious and quick. In 100 years, if we do nothing, we won't have much of Scilly left. The dump will be underwater, Porthmellon will be underwater, the school will be underwater, and we won't have a future."

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