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Police start enforcing parking restrictions

Police on the Isles of Scilly have warned that parking restrictions on St Mary's will now be enforced.

Sgt Darren White said that police relax the rules in the quiet winter months, but they will be taking action as the islands start to get busier.

He said: "Now that spring is upon us, we would like to inform everyone that parking restrictions are now going to be enforced on St Mary's. While it is accepted that parking restrictions in the winter months are relaxed, the practice cannot continue into what will be our busiest period.

"We are aware that the picking up and dropping off outside the Co-op has slowly turned into parking. This cannot continue and causes significant disruption to residents, utility and emergency vehicles, not to mention the safety of pedestrians."

He added: "It's imperative that parking restrictions are adhered to for everyone's safety and we very much appreciate everyone's efforts in supporting us."


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