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Mali Rose arrives on Scilly after week of disruption

The Mali Rose finally made it to the islands with a full cargo of freight yesterday (Sunday March 17th) after Storm Gareth played havoc with deliveries for a week.

The ship left Penzance just before midnight on Saturday night after the previous three scheduled runs were cancelled.

The Co-op on St Mary’s had run out of fresh food items during the week, with photos of empty shelves doing the rounds on social media. Freight deliveries between the islands were also disrupted.

Residents have been full of praise for the Co-op, Harbour, Steamship Group, Island Carriers and Richard Hand Haulage, all of whom went above and beyond to get food and essential supplies to islanders.

The Council had previously helped arrange special flights with the Steamship Group to bring groceries to the islands on Friday and Saturday. The Steamship Group agreed to fly the produce in at their normal shipping charge, absorbing the additional cost of moving the goods by air. The Council also waived its landing and freight handling fees.

However, many islanders took the shortages in stride. After wondering if Scilly would "survive the lack of food supplies from the mainland", 90-year-old Gordon Bilsborough listed the typical weekly food rations for adults in World War Two.

And St Mary’s resident Fran Clark saw the positive aspects of the weather chaos, writing on Facebook: “The plus side of being totally cut off from mainland supplies this week is my grocery bill is significantly under budget.”

Photo by St Mary's Harbour.


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