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Members to vote on 10% Airport charges hike

Members will vote on a recommendation to increase commercial fees and charges at the Airport by 10% at tomorrow's Full Council meeting.

The recommendation from Craig Dryden, Senior Manager for Infrastructure & Planning, concerns the Passenger Load Supplement and fees relating to landing and freight for 2019/20.

Members will also discuss applying an incentive scheme whereby a discount of 7% is triggered once 97,000 passenger journeys have been recorded at St Mary’s Airport.

Craig’s report reads in part: "The long term viability of the Airport will be dependent on maximising income by ensuring that fees and charges are set at an appropriate level, coupled with a sustained increase in the amount of commercial flights and passengers, which is beyond the control of the Council.

"In parallel, the Council will continue to control operational costs, although it is difficult to reduce such costs without compromising operational safety and compliance with CAA requirements and European Aviation Safety Authority legislation.

"To meet this requirement fees and charges need to be raised by 10% in 2019-20. If the level of income required is not achieved, the Airport will struggle to be viable both in the short and longer term. Undermining the commercial viability by making inappropriate decisions in relation to, for example, the setting of fees and charges, draws into question its long term future and ability to operate effectively and safely in compliance with CAA requirements and European Aviation Safety Authority legislation."

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