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Plastic on Samson 'truly heartbreaking'

A group of volunteers who are cleaning Scilly’s hard-to-reach coastline and beaches have described the amount of plastic they have found as "truly heartbreaking".

Members of Clean Ocean Sailing arrived on Scilly by boat on February 19th and have been hard at work clearing rubbish from various islands. Anything they collect will be sorted, weighed and recorded before being taken back to the mainland to be recycled.

After working on Samson last weekend, the mainland-based group took to social media to express dismay at what they were finding.

They wrote: "Nobody has lived on this island since the invention of plastic and yet almost every single step we took the ground was crunching with plastic bottles. Endless plastic bottles. We filled two dumpy bags with bottles and polystyrene within the first twenty minutes of landing.. and filled another two within the hour.

"You could spend a lifetime on this island collecting the trash here and I don’t think you’d ever get it all.. it’s truly heartbreaking .. we collected too much to carry back in two trips on the little boats before the tide turned so are going back tomorrow for the rest.

"Really shocking to see.. please please head to our fundraiser and share this far and wide so we can do more clean ups in the future .. we’re barely making a dent in what’s here!!"

Clean Ocean Sailing was founded by Steve Green from Gweek with the aim of “cleaning our coasts and oceans sustainably under sail and raising awareness about ocean plastics”.

Follow their progress, find out more about them or donate to their mission at


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