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Council Tax, business rate debts written off

More than £50,000 worth of outstanding Council Tax and business rates have been written off by the Council.

The finance team has conducted a review of outstanding debt, resulting in the scrapping of nearly £39,000 in Council Tax debts and more than £11,000 in business rates.

A total of 20 Council Tax accounts, each less than £5,000, were written off by Section 151 Officer Russell Ashman after "every effort was made to obtain payment".

He explained at last week's Council meeting: "By far the largest element is old debt and a lot of that is back around 2011, 2012. To be honest, it should have been written off some time ago, it was never going to be collectible but it was still on the books.... The others have been chased to the fullness of our abilities and either the person is insolvent or there is a very good reason why we can't collect the money."

Eight individual business rates accounts were also written off, with a total value of £11,273.81.

Russell added: "In terms of financial impact of those two, at the moment until we get to the year end and do a full assessment... but they are comfortably within the provision we have for bad debts so I don't foresee that they'll have any impact on the bottom line."


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