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Academy pupils display 'excellent' work

​Five Islands Academy pupils displayed some of their best work of the year on Friday.

Both Primary and Secondary students took part in the Exhibition of Excellence to show their parents and the wider community some of the work they are most proud of.

Rachel Lewin, Secondary Lead for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, said: "Excellence is one of our six school values and we’ve been really working over the last couple of years on helping our students to understand what it means to be excellent by continually getting better. This is an exhibition of pieces of work where our students have really worked to refine, redraft, edit, improve their work so that they believe it really is excellent.

"Our Primary students have been working on some fantastic projects linked to the Global Goal of good health and wellbeing. In the Secondary section, our students have picked their two pieces of work that they’ve been most proud of and that they’ve really refined and redrafted to show off. We’ve got art, science, English essays, maths papers, and things that people have done out of school as well.

“For instance, Ruby is showing her amazing slideshow of her tennis achievements. Ahab, who is an ant expert, has built a formicarium in his own time. Ellie has rescued a kestrel and she has talked about her whole journey of rescuing Kes and looking after her. So we’ve got a huge range of things."

Maddy Hicks, Primary Lead for Teaching and Learning and St Agnes Base Leader, explained more about what the Primary pupils had been up to.

She said: "This week is project week and we’ve all been celebrating Global Goal number 3, which is all about health and wellbeing. So we’ve been doing lots of activities from dancing to mindfulness, painting, all sorts of brilliant things.

"One of our main focuses was looking at what the Isles of Scilly will look like in 2030, which is also part of the Global Goals. All the off-island bases and St Mary’s have been looking at our own islands. We've got all sorts of things from all the year groups looking at sustainability and inclusiveness, how to save the planet through living on Scilly etc. It's been a real explosion of creativity."

See more photos from the event here.

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