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Petition starts to stop 5G launch in Scilly, Cornwall

A petition has started to stop the upcoming rollout of 5G on the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall.

Vodafone announced last September that it will launch the new technology in rural holiday destinations in the South West and Lake District this year, with the islands the first area to be connected.

The petition, from campaign group Villagers Against Masts, seeks to provide peer-reviewed scientific evidence showing that there is no risk of harm from non-thermal Electro Magnetic Radiation using the frequencies and cumulative exposure associated with 5G and the Internet of Things.

After pointing out that the islands are designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it asks: "Why is Vodaphone set to trial 5G on our beautiful Isles of Scilly, which is so important for tropical species of plants and migratory birds, without due regard for the impact on the health of all of the inhabitants and the environment?”

The petition goes on to state that 5G is different from previous bandwidths as it will use a much higher frequency, typically between 6 and 100 gigahertz, and "it is unclear if there is any research available to prove that the technology is safe".

While concerns have been expressed from a variety of sources, research suggests that it is unlikely that mobile phones or base stations increase the risk of health problems, according to the NHS.

However, it acknowledges there is still some uncertainty about the potential for risks from long-term use over decades, and research on this is ongoing.

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