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Islanders asked to sign lease petition

A St Mary's resident has asked islanders to sign a petition calling for the abolition of leasehold.

Alan Davis, who lives on the Garrison, has been trying to extend his Duchy of Cornwall lease for many years and believes the system should be abolished.

He said: "Many properties on Scilly including flats are held under this feudal system.

"Many believe by having a lease they own the property. This is not true, the ownership rests with freeholder with the leaseholder having the right to use (and maintain the property in good repair) for a set number of years. "Extending a lease can be costly and time consuming and just gives you longer to tenant the property. Hence, the government has 'promised' action on the subject, but as with many other 'promises', progress is slow and hence the petition to get the government to seriously consider the Law Commission proposals when published."

The 'Abolish leasehold' petition currently has 9.553 signatures.

Alan recently asked islanders to respond to the Law Commission consultation paper 'Leasehold home ownership: buying your freehold or extending your lease', which closed on January 7th. A recommendation will go to Parliament for debate later this year, with the possibility of new legislation to follow.

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