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Wolf Rock clock shown on 'Antiques Roadshow'

The Isles of Scilly scored a mention on Sunday's episode of the BBC's Antiques Roadshow.

One of the items on display during the programme from Cromer Pier was a golden clock given to the man who supervised the construction of Wolf Rock Lighthouse.

The inscription at the bottom reveals that it was presented to Sir James N Douglass, "engineer to the corporation of Trinity House", on the completion of the Wolf Rock Lighthouse.

James worked as an assistant to his father during the construction of James Walker's Bishop Rock Lighthouse and later supervised the construction of the Wolf Rock Lighthouse. He was appointed as Engineer-in-Chief of Trinity House in 1862.

He eventually designed around 20 lighthouses for Trinity House, including the Longships Lighthouse off Land's End and the fourth Eddystone Lighthouse, for which he was knighted. He died in 1898.

The clock, which also has a barometer and thermometer, was examined by Alastair Chandler, who valued it between £4,000 and £6,000.

The Antiques Roadshow's Twitter account posted: "A stunning clock to mark a stunning achievement - this was presented to the man who helped build the lighthouse on Wolf Rock on the Isle of Scilly and #AntiquesRoadshow expert Alastair Chandler says it's worth up to £6,000."

Wolf Rock reportedly earned its name because of the eerie howling sound produced by the fissures in the rock during gales.


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