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School seeks Carn Gwaval crossing patrol officer

Five Islands Academy is advertising for a Crossing Patrol Officer following concern about the safety of children travelling to and from Carn Gwaval.

The part-time post aims to ensure the "safety of children and others waiting to cross the road or crossing at a designated point between prescribed times, without detriment to the health and safety of all other road users".

The Council's Lead Member for Children Joel Williams wrote in his Update for February 12th's Council meeting: "Members may be aware of significant social media interest in aspects of road safety to and from the base at Carn Gwaval.

"There is undoubtably significant conflict between the volume of vehicles and those walking or cycling to the site. Matters aren’t helped by this area having one of the most narrow sections of highway on St Marys.

"Our Community Safety Partnership have been supportive with financial assistance being made available to support the appointment of a part time school crossing patrol person. It is hoped that heightened awareness and a degree of self policing may improve the situation."

Head of School Jo Yeates recently wrote in a letter to parents: "As members of the Community Safety Partnership group we have been monitoring and reviewing the travel to and from Five Islands Academy by students, parents and staff...

"There are still one or two drivers who worry me because their speed is not safe when there are so many children present. One or two also pull up on the road rather than in Nowhere car park to drop off students and staff, which is dangerous."

The role consists of half an hour's work five afternoons a week during term time, with a salary of £12 per hour. More details are available on the Academy's website.


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