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Sgt Colin Taylor felt 'complete calm' on Scilly

Sgt Colin Taylor has identified a day on a fishing boat on Scilly as one of his most calming experiences.

The former "Scilly Sergeant" was included in a recent article in The Guardian in which 15 readers revealed when they felt a moment of 'complete calm'.

He said: "In July 2016, I tagged along for a day on my friend Ralph’s fishing boat, hauling lobster and crab pots for him around the Eastern Isles of the Isles of Scilly.

"The best bit was halfway through the day, when we were sitting there on the water in the sun, a mile out to sea, eating our cheese and pickle sandwiches, drinking a flask of tea, and lobbing the crusts and the odd bit of crab bait to curious fulmars that had joined us. Marvellous."

Colin, author of The Life of a Scilly Sergeant, left the islands in August 2016 and now works in the Criminal Justice Unit based in Exeter, where he is responsible for improving prosecution file quality across the Constabulary.

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