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Scilly map 'like Zodiac constellations'

A ley hunter has suggested that a "circle seemingly representing the figures of the Zodiac constellations" exists in Scilly.

James Goddard has released a video on YouTube, saying that he noticed on a recent holiday that a map of the islands is "strangely reminiscent of the Glastonbury Zodiac".

He wrote in magazine Touchstone, which covers "earth mysteries, Watkinsian ley hunting and dowsing": "Several of the figures only become apparent on maps showing the under-sea contours, particularly Scorpio, formed by the treacherous Western Rocks.

"My favourite is Libra, a beautiful dove formed by St. Agnes with its adjoining (at low tide) island of Gugh, which is its fan tail. Its eye is the Troy Town maze and one wing is ... Wingletang Down!

"Cancer is a ship, as at Glastonbury-the island of Bryher, with a figurehead called Shipman Head and an inlet to the south called Stoneship Porth!"

Goddard's YouTube channel consists mainly of mysteries - "from ghosts in Mysterious Guildford to leys and earth energies in field trip videos, some dating back to the late 1980s."

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