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Lower Moors sluice board removed again

One of the sluice boards at Lower Moors has been removed again, despite a recent plea from the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust to leave them alone.

The planks of wood are put in place to help monitor the wetlands and to stop saltwater seeping in during high tides, which can affect the water quality and ecology of the site.

Wildlife Trust officer Nikki Banfield wrote on social media: "Are you enjoying your relaxing weekend? Sadly the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust Team aren't because someone has once again taken it upon themselves to remove one of the sluice boards at Lower Moors.

"I recently went on Radio Scilly and This is Scilly also wrote a piece regarding this but clearly its not reached the relevant individual(s).

"The Trust (a Charity) is investing a lot of time and funding into the Moors; carrying out survey work and research on our water supply and water sources for the benefit of ALL who live here. Whoever is doing this is impacting on this work and ultimately the viability of our Islands water supply!?"

She added: "If anyone has any information regarding who is doing this please get in touch."

>> Wildlife Trust: Please leave sluice boards alone

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