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Missing Falmouth yachstman found 25 miles off Scilly

A solo yachtsman who was not heard from for six days has been found safe 25 miles south west of the Isles of Scilly.

Robin Davie, from Falmouth, heard an alert broadcast by HM Coastguard at 10pm on Friday and responded that all was well.

The 67-year-old was three days late arriving home from a solo crossing from western France on his yacht 'C’est La Vie', prompting his brother to become concerned.

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency said: "The sailor had been reported as overdue by his shore contact and the French and British Coastguard had been trying to reach him since. Due to the weather conditions, he had to tack further to the west and it had therefore taken much longer than he had hoped to reach the Scillies.

"He had been out of radio contact range and without a mobile signal for quite some time but as soon as he sailed closer to land he heard the broadcast and contacted the Coastguard."

Coastguard Controller Dai Jones said: “We were concerned for the skipper’s safety and so we’re really pleased that he has been in contact to tell us that he is safe and well. Being able to broadcast continuously can pay dividends and in this case it really helped us to locate him.

"We had worked out that the sailor could be somewhere around the Isles of Scilly by considering the weather conditions and what passage he would have been likely to take. It really was a case of putting ourselves in the skipper’s shoes."


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