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Scilly has second fewest potholes in UK

Fewer potholes were reported on the Isles of Scilly in the last three years than anywhere else in the UK except Shetland, according to new research.

Scilly was second to bottom in the list of 175 local authorities who responded to a Freedom of Information request from Yorkshire-based company The Insurance Emporium.

Four potholes were reported on the islands between January 2015 and April 2018 - 0.11 per km of Council-managed roads.

The Shetland Islands had 45 potholes (0.4 per km), while Eilean Siar in the Outer Hebrides had 0.22 and Kensington & Chelsea 0.77.

Cllr Steve Sims, Scilly's Lead Member for Place, said: "It’s great to hear these statistics. There are two reasons why we are so low in the table - primarily the road resurfacing in 2014 when the vast majority of our roads were surfaced to a very high standard and secondly, a lot of the potholes on the roads that were last resurfaced from memory in 1972 are picked up by the operational services team before they get reported.

“Also with fewer roads prone to potholes it's far easier to keep on top of it. I'm sure if the road resurfacing hadn't happened I'm sure we'd be a lot further up the list of offenders than we actually are.”

City of Edinburgh Council was the worst offender, with an average of 73 per km of road reported over the three-year period.

Almost a million potholes have been recorded by local authorities on Britain’s roads each year since 2015, peaking with 1,088,965 in 2016.


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