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Radio Scilly bosses standing down

The new managers of Radio Scilly have announced that they are standing down.

This is Scilly News editor Beth Hilton took over as the station's Managing Director on October 1st last year, assisted by husband Steve Sims.

However, the pair have now said that lack of time and new unforeseen circumstances mean they have had to reconsider their plans.

Read a statement from Beth and Steve below:

After a great deal of thought, we have decided that we can no longer run Radio Scilly.

As it stands we will start closing the station down on March 1st 2019.

Without going into lots of detail it has turned out to be more work than we anticipated and new personal circumstances mean we just don't have the time. Ideally we would like to pass it on to someone else or another team.

It would be great if half a dozen people could club together and give a few hours a week each. We are both happy to be involved, but not in a managerial capacity.

Will Lethbridge, Abi Wrigley and all our presenters have been wonderful and we are very grateful for all their hard work. The issue is not with shows and content, it's the time needed to run the business aspect of Radio Scilly.

So plan A is to pass the station on to someone else but plan B is to close it down. Unfortunately if we surrender our community FM radio licence, it is very unlikely that Ofcom will grant another one.

The station breaks even at the moment but with time and hard work, could become a lucrative business.

Advertisers have been/are in the process of being contacted. If you’re a Scilly Lottery member, please don’t worry. The Scilly Lottery will continue as normal. Further information will follow.

If anyone would like to take it on - whether local or from further afield, please get in touch with us. Radio Scilly has a great deal of potential to grow and develop.

Any expressions of interest should be made by March 1st 2019.

For further information or just an informal chat please email Alternatively you can speak to Beth, Steve or Will on 01720 423263 or 07810 435417. We will give all the help we can. With any luck we can find a way to keep it going.

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