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Two pet cats missing on St Mary's

Islanders have been asked to keep a lookout for two cats missing from the Pilots Retreat area on St Mary's.

Lindsay and Euan Rodger's 17-month-old pet Kaspar has been missing for a fortnight.

Lindsay told This is Scilly: "He was born in our house on the 7th of the 7th 2017, one of 3 born to our cat Sanibel. We still have her and his siblings Narla and Orlando.

"He has never gone before, never had more than a night away from home. For a cat so loyal to his humans it is very out of character.”

There have so far been no sightings of Kaspar, who is one of eight felines in the household.

Lindsay added: “Each one is a treasured pet and we love them dearly. To have lost one is simply devastating.”

Meanwhile, Karen and Jim Johnson, who live on nearby Silvesters Lane, have not seen their grey cat Jinx for five weeks.

Karen wrote on Facebook: "I'm hopeful he’ll return as he’s gone before and returned but not at this time of year. Could people in our area/ Moorwell keep an eye out for him please?"

Jinx (left) is described as "big and friendly with battered ears from scrapping".

A family's pet cat that went missing two days after they moved to the Isles of Scilly was found safe after three weeks in November.

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