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Police: New Year's Eve 'really good-spirited'

Isles of Scilly Police have said there were "no incidents whatsoever" on St Mary's on New Year's Eve.

Sgt Darren White, who was on duty until 3am, told This is Scilly that the evening was "really good-spirited".

He said: "Our involvement on New Year's Eve was just the early proactive engagement with the pubs, speaking to each of the landlords. And that was it really, just making our presence known early on in the evening and then throughout, up until 3am.

"But I'm pleased to say that it was a really good spirited and I think quite a quiet New Year's Eve compared to previous ones. No incidents whatsoever."

He said he very much enjoyed seeing everyone in costume on his first Scilly New Year, picking out Skybus shuttle driver Jock MacDonald (above centre) as a particular favourite.

"It's fantastic here. You see everyone in their fancy dress," he said. "I think Jock by far was my winner as a mermaid. It was really refreshing to see."

Scilly's Police previously warned of the dangers of drink driving over the festive period.


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