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Pupils raise thousands with charity sleepout

Five Islands School pupils at Mundesley House have raised more than £3,000 for the charity CRISIS.

18 students from the ages of 11 to 16 spent the night under the stars on December 18th to better understand how it feels to be homeless.

The amount raised smashes their target of £563.60, the cost of 20 Crisis Christmas shelter reservations.

Mundesley Houseparent Wez Swain said the idea came from discussion among the students last year.

“Last year while we were celebrating, some of them started talking about how hard it must be being homeless at this time of year when so many people are having fun. It got me thinking what can we do to actually find out a bit more about it?

“We organised a sleepout, so the students were allowed to sleep in cardboard boxes and sleep in the garden for the whole night. We did put up a couple of tents if they wanted to for a bit more shelter as some of them are only 11.”

However, Wez said that the weather on the night was not what they had hoped for.

“It was very windy and very wet. There were a couple of pauses in the rain but at around midnight and 6 in the morning there was a good 15-minute really heavy downpour. The students thought it was hailing.

“But they were really, really determined. They realised why they wanted to do this, they wanted to raise the money and awareness and see just how hard it is.”

Wez described the amount raised by the sleepout as “absolutely amazing”.

The students had made enough money for shelter reservations for 107 people, five times their original goal.

The CRISIS sleepout has currently raised £3,017.45. Find its fundraising page at

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