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Scilly's MP apologises for Brexit distraction

The Isles of Scilly's MP has apologised for the Government and MPs failing to respond to the needs of the British people.

Derek Thomas said MPs have been distracted by the drama over Brexit and have been unable to focus on other important issues.

He told Radio Scilly: "Can I give an apology to people who want the Government and MPs to get on with delivering Brexit but also improving the future of the country...

"We have not been doing that job and however hard many of us are trying to, we just constantly face this distraction. So I want to apologise for British politics not really responding to the needs and demands of the British people."

Derek said that after winning the recent no confidence vote, Theresa May can now concentrate on getting a Brexit deal across the line.

“It was certain an interesting 24 hours which I think has led to something that’s quite positive in the sense that now the Prime Minister faces no risk or threat of a leadership challenge, certainly from our benches, and she can go now to Brussels and really get something we can vote on after Christmas that will settle the issue of Brexit going into next year.”

He added that the Prime Minister is keen to press forward with other issues, saying: “There’s no doubt that she gets out of bed every day wanting to try to do the job she’s charged with... she really does get now what the concerns are among her MPs and she also has a real heart to get on to the domestic agenda so when you talk about housing, injustices people face, mental health issues etc... she really believes in those things.

"It would be a tragedy if she served her term as Prime Minister - she’s already said she won’t be in the next election - and finds Brexit is the only job on the table. She has other things she wants to deliver and this is her chance to do it."


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