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Police Sergeant explains break-ins caution

The Isles of Scilly's Police Sergeant has explained his decision to caution a 22-year-old man following break-ins at the Co-op and Radio Scilly.

Alcohol was stolen from the Co-op in the early hours of Saturday morning (December 8th). The same person then entered the Radio Scilly office and studio, breaking the door lock and vomiting on the floor.

However, the decision to issue a caution proved controversial on social media, with some complaining that it was insufficient punishment.

Sgt Darren White told Radio Scilly: "A police caution is a formal alternative to a full prosecution, ie presenting someone before a court. We look at this from a number of angles. Things we have to balance are the public interest, because it does have significant financial impact to put someone before a court but moreover we look at the individual circumstances of the crimes in question.

"We know that both crimes were committed while heavily under the influence of alcohol and they were very isolated events. We also know that the individual in question had no offending history. We try to look at the victims’ perspective, as well. In this case there was two different sides. There was an approach where one of the parties was quite keen on restorative justice and another was quite keen on progressing to court so the caution was that sort of meet in the middle and what i felt was proportionate to the offences committed.

"As an Individual, where this actually impacts on them it is a criminal caution so it does appear on the record and a dis check for employment. Ultimately they are dishonesty offences so as a future employer, that would be visible. Likewise if if that individual wanted to travel abroad there are certain countries that prevent access to people who have criminal convictions or cautions."


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