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Council refuses Karma glamping tents

Karma St Martin's hotel has been refused planning permission to erect six glamping tents on its grounds.

Members at December 14th's Full Council meeting followed the Senior Planning Officer's recommendation that the application by refused because it would harm the historic environment and the tranquility of the natural environment.

Lisa Walton wrote in her report: "The proposed change of use of land and erection of 6 decked areas for seasonal glamping would give rise to harm to (a) the historic environment by virtue of encroaching development on the unenclosed heathland where there are records of ancient habitation that are important to the historic and cultural development of St Martins; and (b) the tranquillity of the natural environment, which is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, by introducing activities into an elevated and undeveloped part of St Martin’s.

"The environmental harm identified is not off-set by any demonstrable wider public benefit. The proposal is therefore contrary to the requirements of Policy 1(a) and Policy 2(a) of the Adopted Isles of Scilly Local Plan 2005 and Paragraphs 172 and 196 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2018."

The application had said that the tents, which were to have been coloured 'Brunswick Green' to fit in with the environment, would be in place "on a seasonal basis, in order to broaden the hotel’s accommodation offer".

They would be positioned in curved row along the lower, western portion of the site, as shown in the picture above.

There were several objections to the proposals from residents of St Martin's, as well as one in support.

Following comments by Cllrs Dan Marcus, Andy Guy, Avril Mumford, Jonathan Smith and Steve Sims, the application was unanimously refused.

Watch the presentation and discussion on the proposal below:


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