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Councillor urges transparency over Mali Rose

A Councillor has urged the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group to be "transparent and open" about the Mali Rose.

In a discussion about the freight survey at last week's Scrutiny Committee - which was attended by the ISSG's acting MD Stuart Reid and chairman Andrew May - Cllr Dan Marcus described the vessel as "infamous on the islands".

He said: "You’re probably aware that Mali Rose has been infamous on the islands in terms of what’s happened so far so I would urge transparency and openness around what’s going on to make everyone’s life easier in the long-term."

Stuart Reid gave an update on the status of the Mali Rose, saying that she will have a two-week trial at the start of January, followed by a three-month familiarisation period.

He said: "That will give us information and data in terms of what changes need to be made. There may be other familiarisation periods post that, but if it is a success in those three months, we will be bringing her into service."

Andrew May added: "We’ve got a long way to go yet with the familiarisation and everything else. but if you just look at the bigger picture she’s not just a ship she’s effectively a floating warehouse when she’s alongside Penzance quay and St Mary’s quay.

"We'll be able to work aboard her, and we’ve got space and chilled and frozen aboard her, which we haven’t in same way on the Gry Maritha. So will be challenges but great opportunities as well with the introduction of the Mali Rose."

Committee chairman Avril Mumford said: "We shall look forward to seeing her."


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