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Air Ambulance flew 3 Scilly missions in November

Cornwall Air Ambulance flew three missions to the Isles of Scilly in November.

There were two medical call-outs to male patients, one on November 1st and another on November 30th. There was also one to a female who injured her arm in a fall on November 29th. All were on St Mary's.

Cornwall Air Ambulance carried out a total of 87 missions across the month, 55 in the air ambulance helicopter and 32 using the charity’s critical care cars.

Medical emergencies accounted for 55 missions, including 31 people suffering from heart related problems. There were also 32 missions to people who suffered serious injuries, including 15 road traffic accidents and six missions to children needing urgent care.

Steve Garvey, Cornwall Air Ambulance Air Operations Officer, said: “It’s been another busy month for our crew. We can never predict the emergency calls that will come in, but we are ready to respond in a moment’s notice.

“As a charity, we rely on donations to keep the air ambulance flying which means not even one of the 87 missions would be possible without the support of the people of Cornwall and beyond. There are many ways people can support the air ambulance, from setting up a regular donation on the charity’s website to buying Christmas gifts from one of our charity shops. Your support really does save lives.”

Cornwall Air Ambulance flew eight missions to the Isles of Scilly in October.

Scilly's Lead GP Dr Picken recently hit back after suggestions by a Councillor that patients are being flown off the islands more than necessary.


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