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Former Scilly GP becomes British citizen

A retired islands' doctor who was born in Germany has become a British citizen after a ceremony on Scilly.

Randolph Hessing's mother was German and his father was from the US state of West Virginia. He was born on an American military base in Germany and surrendered his US passport in his twenties.

Randolph, who was a GP on Scilly for 20 years, became officially British in a brief ceremony at the Porthcressa Register Office accompanied by his wife Alison.

His father worked for the US State Department in Germany liaising with the military and Randolph went to school in Germany, the UK and the US, attending medical school in Berlin.

“I must have lived in 15 different places by the time I was 11,” he told The Cornishman, crediting his decision to become British to what he called “this Brexit thing”.

“I realised my status was far from secure," he said: "Anyway I have spent half my life in the UK.“


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