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Scilly one of two Councils to avoid cuts to services

The Council of the Isles of Scilly is one of only two in Britain not to have made any cuts to services.

A report from the BBC titled 'Reality Check: Are these councils defying the cuts?' says that Scilly and the City of London are the only authorities to have 'bucked the trend'.

Seven local authority areas in England reduced total service spending by more than 40% as seven years of cuts in Government grants takes its toll.

By 2020, local authorities will have faced cuts to core funding of nearly £16 billion in a decade.

The islands' core funding from Government has fallen from £2.2m in 2008/9 to 1.82m last year and is expected to fall again next year.

The announcement of the local government funding settlement for 2019/20 has been delayed due to the current drama over Brexit.

In a statement yesterday, communities secretary James Brokenshire said publication will be made following the 'meaningful' Brexit vote on December 11th.

The Council's budget setting for 2018/19 had to deal with a structural deficit of around £420,000, which appears to have been resolved. Figures to date suggest this year's actual budget will come in at a surplus of around £70,000.

>> Scilly's Council joins call for fairer funding


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