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Islander forced to remove prosthetic leg before flight

An islander was forced to remove his prosthetic leg at Newquay Airport as part of security checks for a flight to Scilly.

Lord Berkeley shared the information during a discussion in the House of Lords about the rights of disabled people travelling by air.

The Labour peer, who is married to Scilly Councillor Marian Berkeley, said: "Isn't it time the security rules were proportionate to the services?

"My stepson, who lost a leg some time ago, was forced to take his prosthetic leg off in Newquay Airport in front of a lot of passengers and his family when he was flying on that international service to the Isles of Scilly.

"For goodness sake, surely there should be a rule to have a bit more common sense applied to such searches."

Liberal Democrat Baroness Brinton also recounted a recent incident when her wheelchair could not be found at Madrid Airport and staff "dumped" her "in a corner facing a concrete wall", causing her to end up tears.

She added: "If this were an unusual occurrence it would be horrific, but it isn't.

What's even more horrific is that this happens every single day to air passengers. When will the regulations be enforced and stop air travel being a ghetto for disabled people?"

It was recently announced that islanders and visitors will be able to fly directly from Newquay to Heathrow from next April.

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